About Quick Stone

We crush and recycle waste materials from demolition and construction sites.

Concrete, Stone and Rock is crushed and screened as necessary to produce materials suitable for re-use. This procedure eliminates the need for costly and wasteful tipping of natural materials and also reduces the need for quarrying. Often materials are crushed and re-used on site.

Quick Stone is able to supply a range of crushers and screeners. Our machines are hired out with our experienced CPCS operators, on short or long term hire.

Quick Stone can offer a service that is tailored to suit the needs of each appointment, from large scale demolotion clearance to small-scale home improvements.


Tipping & Collecting

We accept the following: Concrete, Hardcore, Brick, Stone, Reinforced Concrete, Mixed Hardcore/Soil…


Bagged Products

Quick Stone are able to supply decorative or recycled aggregates in one tonne dumpy bags, these are…



Quick Stone is able to offer you a range of 360° excavators up to 20 tonnes. They can be hired…